Milo Beck

Kasey Campbell is MILO BECK (son of Lucas Beck)

Kasey Campbell is MILO BECK (son of Lucas Beck)

Character Bio

Milo Beck – 14 (born after the comet hit).  Lucas’ son.  He’s aching to walk like a man. In the pilot episode, he’s nearly killed by Remy.  He never knew his mother, as she died giving birth to him.  Still, he has a real sense of who she was and how she adored him for those precious hours when she was able to hold him.  How she looked deep into his soul so he would know she knew him and loved him.  His father spoke of her frequently and kept her spirit alive.  And so Milo felt her presence…everywhere.  Interestingly, his mother’s death never haunted him like his grandmother Blythe’s death.  When he was three, his grandmother saved him from falling to his death from the observatory deck.  She gave her life so that he could live.  Milo and Kovita (daughter of Fred and Anna Hesse) are inseparable.  Even the embarrassing nature of adolescence hasn’t ruined their friendship.  But in the coming months, this will be tested as they experiment with feelings of love and desire.  In the first season, they will embark on a life-or-death journey.  Just the two of them—in a test of love and trust—the outcome of which will spin them into season two in a search for civilization.


Day 8,535… (age 10)

I did something bad today. I went on the high deck and looked over the edge. I was looking for my Grammy’s bones. I didn’t see anything but snow. Dad was mad because I went out there. It’s dangerous. That’s where Grammy died, he said. I know how she died. She was saving me. I was 3. I was going to fall…and she got between me and the big propeller on the deck.

My dad told me it’s not my fault. He told me to write it here…IT’S NOT MY FAULT MY GRAMMY DIED. IT’S NOT MY FAULT. NOT MY FAULT…not my fault…not my fault…not…

I’m tired.

Day 8,716…
(age 11)

My birthday was yesterday. Adults are stupid. Even though it was MY birthday, everyone was talking about the ice field. It was shaking. Big deal. It shakes. It’s not the end of the world!

I was so mad I went down to that dumb ice field. I’ve never gone without my dad before. But I was so angry I didn’t care. When I got there nothing was shaking. Kovita followed me. We dug holes and made a fire and yelled at the wind. She made my birthday fun.

Day 8,763…

My dad finally gave me his snowboard. Kovita got a board from her sister, Veena. We went to the ice wall. This year there’s so much snow we were able to get right up to the edge. It was killer. And scary. It’s a long drop…maybe 200 feet.

Kovita was acting weird though. She asked me if I’d call her Ko. I don’t mind, but why’d she ask? I don’t get it. Suppose it’s important to her. I love my snowboard!

Day 8,764…

My dad took away my snowboard. I hate him. He found out we went to the ice wall. He must have read my journal. I’m really mad right now. He says I have to write in my journal every week…and I’m sure it’s just so he can check up on me. JERK.

Day 9,162… (age 12)

Ughh! I lost a year’s worth of journals. All that writing!!! Remy’s clan raided our observatory. They tried to burn us out again. It’s the second time this year they’ve tried. Xavier got hurt bad. Grandpa William killed a Farnwell.

My dad and Remy fought. It scared me. Remy is a good fighter. He’s bigger than Dad. But Dad is crazy. He got a rope around Remy and hooked it on the windmill. Remy got slung over the side of the deck. But he’s not dead. You can’t kill that guy.

Day 9,163…

After last night’s fight, Dad decided to show me his journals. 25 years worth. Crazy! I think he wants me to learn more about the history of our clan. It’s all in the pages of his journals. Everything. He wrote his first journal entry when he was 8. When he was 10 he said he’d fallen in love with my mother and didn’t want to tell anyone. So he wrote everything he felt in his journal. About how beautiful she was. He has a picture of her from when she was 11 years old…and some other pictures he took with his computer when she was older. It’s weird for me to look at a picture of her…because I never knew her.

Day 9,174…

Ko’s dad can be a real jerk. He made her work with him all day. He’s always digging around in the ground looking for “nutrients” … that’s what he calls the dirt and rocks he digs up. My dad let me track mountain goats today. Thank you! A real job! Our herd is up to 40 head. The ones I’m tracking today are the wild ones that escaped years ago. They’ve multiplied big time over the years. Dad taught me how to use bait and a noose to catch them. I hung over an ice passage-which was insane-and waited until a goat went for the bait. When I pulled the noose tight, the goat dragged me about a hundred feet…almost off the cliff! I survived. So did the goat.

Day 9,445… (age 13)

My birthday. My dad and I watched the sunrise from the observation deck. This is where I learned to love the snow and ice. But it seems this is all I’ll ever know. My love of home has changed since my last birthday. I have this weird ache-a real need to get away from here. To explore and see what else is out there. I love the freedom I feel when I’m on my board and I ride. Grandpa William always speaks of the glorious world…how it was once filled with people and civilizations. And we’ve been here alone for so long. With no one but the Farnwell’s nipping
at our heels with their hunger to dethrone us from the mountain. I want to go where my father has never dared go. I have to. Or else I feel I will die.

Day 9,532…

Ko and I left early for the ice wall. It was still dark when we snuck past the Farnwell’s village on the ice shelf. The full moon lit our way like it was midday.

We went deeper into the valley than ever before and saw huge chunks of ice crushed together as the glacier moved further down the narrow valley. We found an abandoned village of igloos.
Early Farnwell’s we guessed; back then they were called Outsiders. Ko said she wished she could make this a home…to just get away from everyone. I totally know what she means. We made a pact not to tell anyone. This was our getaway. Our secret home. We ended up staying out too long. We got home just after dark. We were so cold we had frostbite on our fingers…but not enough to lose much more than some skin. Her dad was really pissed off. My dad put on a serious face but wasn’t much trouble. My Grandpa William was proud…which made the others a bit angry. But I understand why. My Grandpa gets me. And you know, it was worth it. We had an awesome time. And for the first time….in a long time…I felt really good.

Day 9,729…

Seems like I haven’t written in forever. Ko and I haven’t been to our secret spot in months. The weather’s been bad. Blizzards and crazy wind. Like the planet is fighting a cold or something. Xavier’s been teaching me how to use my ice-axe in battle. My dad wants me properly trained. He says Remy won’t think much of killing me anymore. Now that I’m practically a man.
Even though I don’t want to fight, I have to learn. Its part of growing up I suppose.

The other night, Ko and I were washing clothes and we started wrestling…and then she kissed me. It was totally unexpected. I didn’t know what to do and I think I embarrassed her.
She tried to pretend like it was just a joke. But I know it wasn’t. She meant it. And I didn’t mind, now that I think about it. Only problem is I didn’t tell her that. She’s not just a girl anymore. Her hips and everything else have filled out and…she’s just different. How do I let her know that? I’m freaking out about this and think about her all the time now. Damn!

9,928…(age 14)

Remy almost killed me. I’m embarrassed to say how scared I was. Dad and I were with Xavier on the lower range hunting wild goat. Remy ambushed us with two of his clansmen. I ducked his first blow and blocked the next shot that would have caved my face in. He’s got that crazy staff with a gnarly metal claw that came within an inch of my face. It’s the closest I’ve been to him. And he’s freakin’ ferocious. I hate to admit that I needed help…and I’ve never been so glad for it. My dad backed Remy off with two perfectly thrown ice-axes. Remy deflected them. But Dad had already fought off two attackers. Xavier had his back. Still, Remy showed no fear at all. He just strutted off, like he knew we’d never follow him. Crazy! Like he owned the damn mountain!

I told Dad I want to train harder. Fight better. And condition my body for battle. Next time, Remy doesn’t put me down. I put him down!


Ko and I were ready to take off for the ice wall and Xavier stopped us. He said Remy’s fighters are all over the mountainside. We snuck out through the greenhouse. No one knew we were even gone. We spent the day in the lower range. Dug a fox hole in the snow. Ate dried meat and told each other what we’d do if we ever got out of here; travel down south and east. Find more people like ourselves. Wherever they were. Young people with bigger dreams than just survival. Creating something…anything…like a city. Many different types of people. With different ideas. My dad calls that “civilization.” Grandpa talks about it all the time. How things used to be. It sounds fantastic. Maybe someday.


Kasey Campbell moved to Los Angeles from Salt Lake City and has appeared in Weeds, The Unit, as well as been a guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live.  Kasey hopes that his continued commitment and passion for acting will lead him into feature films.  Kasey attends high school, acting classes, and is a huge football fan and has made many great friends in LA.

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