Cristo’s Mother

Character Bio

Cristo’s Mother – 33, as tough as her husband.  She has only one child…Cristo.  Like the other women in her clan, she was urged to have a second child in the hopes that she would bare a daughter.  Remy favored families with daughters.  But for Cristo’s mother, she had no desire to bring another child into such a harsh world.


Jacqueline is a graduate of California Institute of the Arts. Acting credits include: Tommy in Eat Me (LA Weekly nomination), Richard in Richard III, Clytemnestra in Clyt at Home (LA Weekly Award) and Emilia in And Still The Dogs (LA Weekly nomination). She is currently covering the role of Catherine in Water at Babylon at the Geffen Theatre.

Films credits include Burn After Reading, Enough, Wednesday Again, North Country, Between Heaven and Hell, Walkout, Paul McCarthy’s Caribbean Pirates and Catherine Sullivan’s Five Economies (Big Hunt little hunt).

As a playwright, Jacqueline’s plays have been produced by The Echo Theatre Company, EST, Theatre of Note, Cal Arts, Occidental College, HBO, and Circus Theatrics. Her recent production of Eat Me received six LA Weekly nominations including playwriting. Her play Love Water will premier as an EST production in Los Angeles in May 2009. Wright is a member of the Dog Ear writer’s collective

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