Remy Farnwell

Peter Wingfield is REMY FARNWELL

Peter Wingfield is REMY FARNWELL

Character Bio

Remy Farnwell – 42 (15 when the comet hit).  Remy and Lucas were once as close as brothers.  Their fathers, Isaac and William, were best friends and collaborators who put together the clan and planned for its survival.  Many years after the comet hit, and the Outsiders arrived.  Remy was forced to make a difficult decision and side with his father who wanted nothing to do with the Outsiders.  William disagreed.  He wanted to learn what he could from them.  What news of the fate of the world?  Battle ensued, and Remy found himself facing off with Lucas for control of the clan.  Isaac was mortally wounded by William, forcing Remy to retreat with his father and sister, Amelie.   The Outsiders took them in.  After his father’s death, Remy took over the Outsider’s clan.  He stationed one half of the clan to the north of the observatory and one to the south.  He took a wife in each of them.  He fathered four boys.  The youngest died.  Two lived with him in the northern clan.  The eldest with the mother in the southern clan.  Much to his dissatisfaction, his sister, Amelie, fell in love with Lucas and he in love with her.  Remy forbid her from seeing Lucas.  Not only was Remy loath for his sister to marry Lucas, but it would hurt his plan to ruin the Beck clan through attrition.  Remy knew the Becks had few females to propagate with, whereas he had been careful to grow his clan wisely.  Although the Farnwell’s lived harsh lives on the outside (living in igloos and bivouacs), they stood a much better chance of survival in the long run.  Remy had worked hard to perfect systems for communicating between his clan.  Crafting weapons and strategies for warfare.  Remy swore to reclaim the observatory for the long-term survival of his clan…and harbored a deep yearning for revenge.

Private Journal

October 9… before the comet (15 years old)

This is boring and pointless! I hate my dad for making me do this! No one writes in a journal. Big whup, a comet was spotted…and it might destroy the planet? Are they kidding? We’re like a tiny speck in space and it’s going to tag us? Not a chance.

Jenny just texted me…she wants to hang out tonight. She turned 16 yesterday and her parents gave her a car! No way would my parents EVER do that for me. I don’t turn 16 for another 9 months…so whatever. I’ve known Jen since we were born…so I don’t remember ever not knowing her. And the fact that she doesn’t mind that I’m 15? Coolio. I may even give her a present (:{}

Guess we’ll all talk about the comet…and how we’re all going to die …Blah, blah, blahhhhh…

October 15…

So this comet thing might actually happen. That’s what NASA says.

November 8…

My dad’s taking us (and some of our neighbors) on a hike. The parents are making all their kids go. It’s a little weird. I asked Dad what’s up, and he won’t say. He and Lucas’ dad are way too serious and uptight about this whole hike. We’re going way up into the mountains. The only good thing about the hike is that my dad is hooking everyone up with the coolest gear ever…because he owns a sporting goods store.

November 9…

Second day of the hike. My legs are wrecked. Just found out that this hike is part of a survival plan. Dad and William have been planning it for a week. I know everyone’s freaked out about the comet. Like the whole world’s in a panic. No plan to save the world. So we’re basically screwed. Not that I planned on making it to thirty anyway.
We just arrived at an abandoned observatory. We’re at 12,000 feet. Air’s real thin up here. Hard to catch my breath. For a little kid, Lucas is tough. He hasn’t slowed down since the ascent.

November 10…

Getting ready to head back down the mountain—Dad and William started arguing about the comet. Dad doesn’t think it’s gonna hit us. William does. Either way, they both have their reasons for bringing us to the observatory. We’re going to spend the next five months prepping it for survival.

Dad’s doing it ‘cause he heard the government is planning to strap a nuke on a rocket and launch it at the comet. He thinks that’s nuts. If a nuke detonates on the launch pad or in our atmosphere? We’ll be poisoned with radioactive fallout for decades.

Dad doesn’t want the government to interfere with our personal freedoms.

William is convinced the comet is gonna hit us.

I think it’s a pretty smart move to launch the nuke. It’s worth the risk if that comet’s gonna get close to hitting us. Shit, I’m no genius, but when it comes to numbers and stuff I do okay. And the guys at NASA seem rock solid. I compared my calculations with theirs: size, speed, and trajectory. Shit, if this comet hits the ocean? What kind of tsunami would that create? I mean, the height of the wave would be crazy. And who would survive? None of this seems real. It’s like a weird story that you’re glad is just a story. Only it’s not. I admit I’m a little freaked out.


February 12…

I got home and fought with my dad tonight. He’s upset with me because I was out with my friends after curfew. The President enacted Marshall Law and we’re not supposed to be on the streets after dark. Which is kinda like a game for me and my friends. Tonight we were out after curfew and the National Guard tried to stop us? Bad idea. We know they’re not going to shoot or anything like that, so we just took off and they chased us. They couldn’t go too fast though ‘cause they’re liable to hurt a pedestrian…so we just hauled ass and they passed us off to the next patrol. Jenny let me drive tonight and I had two Hummers and 8 infantry guys coming after me…they started pointing their guns and pulled up alongside us. I freaked out and swiped one of the Hummers and a soldier fell out. I didn’t run him over on purpose but I think I busted his leg. Jenny heard a weapon fire. I was too excited to hear anything. I’m not worried about them finding us though, ‘cause we took off the license plates like all the other kids on the block so the MPs can’t run our plates and find out where we live. We didn’t carry ID or phones or anything in case they stopped us. It’s a rush and we do it ‘cause we’re bored. Shit, Dad’s knocking again…

March 2…

Wow! Dad just told me the comet is going to miss us! NASA made it official an hour ago. I’m calling Jen.

April 9

Jen and a bunch of us sat on the roof of her house and checked out the comet. I didn’t even need a telescope. I was using binoculars. It looks so small. Like nothing that could ever hurt us here on Earth.

May 11…

I thanked my dad for making me write in my journal. As lame as I thought it was going to be, I read through it yesterday and realized that I never really thought this comet would hit us. And tonight, when I was looking up through my binoculars at it…well it looked a lot more lethal than it did last month. It passed above a full moon…and the perspective was really frightening. I checked the NASA website…and they said the comet was moving at 27,000mph. I don’t even know how to imagine that kinda speed…especially when we’re talking about an object that’s wider than the city of Westcliffe.

June 2…

Everyone’s freaking out!

NASA just reported that the comet is going to swing around the sun and nail us. For real. This is not really happening! Please. I actually cried. And I haven’t cried since I was a kid.

June 6…

William just got home from Iowa. All four families got together at his house. He told us not to panic. We have a plan. In 30 days the comet will hit. But we’ll be at 12,000 feet in the observatory. Dad and William took charge. They’re convinced we will survive this. While everyone in our community has been building bomb shelters, they’ve made plans to take us up to the sky. We leave in two weeks. When the meeting was over, I realized that William had done most of the talking. In a way, he’s become the leader of this whole thing. And looking at my dad standing next to William…he looked so small. And I think he knows it. Because he’s been real moody.

June 11…

Our plans got delayed. Mary’s dad got called to Florida. He’s working with NASA on a rocket they’re launching at the comet. We’re not sure when he’ll be back. Mary’s only 5, so she doesn’t know what a big deal this is. My dad says that if Mr. Ruiz isn’t back in two weeks, we’ll have to leave him behind.

I went online and checked out the rockets. Two are called Ares rockets by NASA. They were designed to go to the moon. The other rockets are from the private sector; a bunch of NASA engineers went off the reservation and created the Jupiter Launch System which competes with the Ares rockets. No one knows if either of these rockets will hit the Comet. Jen and I are spending a lot of time together. We’ve been talking about the future. Her family isn’t part of our survival group. I asked my dad if we could add them. He was pretty upset that I’d been talking to her about our plans. He said there was absolutely no way to add anyone else to our group. It’s like a lifeboat he said. Only so many people can go in the boat before it starts to sink. I told him I loved Jen and didn’t want to leave her behind. All he could say was he was sorry. I hate him.

July 1…

We can’t wait any longer. Mary’s dad is still in Florida at Cape Canaveral. NASA launched all four rockets and two of them already missed the comet. William isn’t waiting for the other two to miss.

We just finished loading the cars. I snuck out to say goodbye to Jen. She was crying. She’s scared. I made her a map with directions to the observatory. She promised not to bring anyone with her if she came.

Afterwards, I wondered if anyone else had done the same…how many people might show up in the next week.

Just before we left, Dad got real serious with me. He wanted me to know—really know—that we were going to be alright. That he’d planned this real carefully with William and the other parents. If we all did our part, we would survive this.

Suddenly everything we’d talked about—planned—it wasn’t just words and strategy—it was all very real. And I was really scared. Dad saw it in me. And he reached out and grabbed me and held me. He was so convincing and calm and I needed him for the first time in years. I was a little boy again, and he was my Dad. He made the world safe for me. He was ready for whatever might come. He showed me what it was to be a man.

We’re in the car now…driving up the mountain. And I’ve got a weird feeling in my throat…like I’m choking. This horrible sadness ‘cause I’m never going to see my friends again. Jen called me and told me she was leaving with her parents for Virginia. They’d gotten a call from her uncle who works for the government and they’re staying in a cave somewhere. We realized we would never be together again. Everything I’d ever know was changing…forever.

July 2…

We’re almost to the observatory. The hike has gone faster then ever. Everyone feels the need to get set up and ready.

I’m not thinking about anything but survival now. The fear and terror has left me. I’m the oldest of the kids…so I’m leading them up the mountain. If this comet hits…I swear, I’m going to survive. Lucas asking me if I was scared, and I didn’t know how to explain how I feel. It’s complicated and confusing for him.

July 3…

There was so much work to do once we got to the observatory. Everything feels so different.

And now with everything in place…all the busy-ness is done. I now I’m thinking too much. I’m trying to find more to do—to keep calm.

Veena asked me to help her seal the last windows in the greenhouse. It’s weird how you can live on the same block as someone and not know them at all. Veena’s only ten but she’s very serious. And she’s scary smart. Her dad’s responsible for all the seeds to grow vegetables and fruit and plants and Veena knows all about this stuff. And her mom’s a doctor. Veena’s already got a stethoscope hidden away in her jacket. And, wow, she has blue eyes just like Jen. I never even noticed that before.


The waiting is getting to me. And everyone else too. No one wants to admit it. We’re using a wireless USB to get the internet so we can track the comet.

We all watched the President give his last speech. He talked about a new world that none of us could imagine. My mom started crying. A lot of the parents cried. I think they just know things we don’t.

Everyone’s asleep now. Most everyone that is. I saw my dad out on the deck. We were all supposed to be inside. I went out and sat with him. And then William came out along with Veena’s dad.

No one said anything. The sky was black and polka-dotted with stars. So many that they looked like clouds. And the whole world was quiet.

I swear everyone must’ve heard my heart pounding.

A couple hours before the sun came up the computer started blasting this official message. A warning that the comet was about to hit.

I wrote down all the words:
This is the Protect and Survive Emergency Broadcast for comet impact. This is not a drill. Repeat, this is not a drill. One minute until comet impact in the Pacific Ocean. There is nothing to be gained by trying to escape. Leaving your home will expose you to greater danger. Communications will be severely disrupted. Expected casualties and extent of damage will be severe. We will bring you information as available. Prepare for impact and stay tuned to this wavelength.

And then came the siren. William turned it off.

He took us all inside.

Day 1…

I woke up and it felt like any other day. Outside, nothing had changed. I asked my dad if the comet had hit and he said it had. He pointed to the windmill. And it was spinning a bit faster than normal. William was watching the sky…and I noticed a dark cloud spreading from the west. It had a strange shape to it, like it was being pushed hard from behind. And it wasn’t just dark; it was black. I didn’t feel the comet’s impact…but I knew the damage was coming. The Earth was moaning. I knew it because the forest was glowing orange now in the distance.

The wind picked up suddenly…and it was blowing hotter now. I felt paralyzed. Dad was shouting for me to come inside. And there was fear in his voice. Everyone sealed the windows and doors with wet rags.

And I knew I wouldn’t be going outside for a long, long time.


Peter Michael Wingfield was born September 5, 1962 in Cardiff, Wales. He grew up in the Grangetown community and was a good student who enjoyed athletics, music, outdoor activities, and drama. At age fifteen, he was the Welsh National Trampoline champion. In 1980 he spent his summer break at the National Youth Theatre of Wales where he discovered the sense of camaraderie and belonging that characterize truly outstanding acting troupes. His four-week stint with this youth theatre changed him in ways he didn’t fully appreciate at the time; but which were to have a lasting impact.

During his college years he performed in and produced a variety of plays, which included playing the lead role of Dr. Frank-n-Furter in The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

In 1982 he began medical training at the prestigious St. Bartholomew’s Medical Hospital in London. His time, however, was not devoted solely to the study of medicine; he continued his involvement with the theatre. Shortly before completing his fifth and final year at St. Bartholomew’s in 1987, Peter realized that the practice of modern medicine was not for him. On month before he was due to graduate, he made the decision to leave medical school and pursue acting as a full-time career.

Peter began his formal acting training at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London, ironically located just across the street from St. Bart’s Hospital in London. While his talents and abilities earned him some scholarships, he also had to work at various odd jobs. His training at school covered the range of an actor’s repertoire, including voice, movement, stage fighting and the acting skills necessary to be successful in arenas ranging from radio to mime. Peter was chosen in 1990 to compete for the BBC’s Carleton Hobbs Award for radio, which he won.

In 1990, shortly after leaving drama school, he landed his first television acting part as a taxi driver in the movie Antonia and Jane. His qualification that led to his selection for the part: he knew how to drive.

Peter later became a British television staple and starred in numerous productions including his role as Tom Kirby in the Granada Television series Noah’s Ark. In addition to film and stage, for two years in the mid-1990s, Peter played the “deliciously despicable” Simon Pemberton on the long running BBC radio drama The Archers.

A large international audience came to know and love him as Methos, the oldest living Immortal on Highlander: The Series. Filming the series also brought him to live in Canada where he met his wife, Carolyn. Since that show ended Peter has appeared in numerous North American television productions for both Canadian and United States companies. He has appeared in the television movies: Miss Texas, The wedding Dress, Halloweentown II: Kalabar’s Revenge, and the Miracle of the Cards for which he was nominated for a Gemini award. In recent years he has appeared in the television series: Queen of Swords, Smallville, The Shields’ Stories, Kingdom Hospital, Touching Evil, Bliss, The Dead Zone, Just Cause, The Chris Isaack Show, The L Word, The Collector, Andromeda, Dalziel and Pascoe, and others.

Peter has appeared in feature films X2: X-Men United, Highlander: Endgame (reprising the role of Methos), The Edge of Madness, Baby Genius 2, Uncovered, Catwoman, and the latest Highlander movie The Source. In 2006, he played the title role in The Last Sin Eater directed by Michael Landon Jr. for Fox Faith Pictures.

In the summer of 2006, Peter returned to the UK for one year to join the cast of the popular medical drama Holby City as Surgical Consultant Daniel Clifford.

In 2008, Peter reprised his favorite role as Highlander’s Methos in an arc of scenes written by David Abramowitz in a made for DVD release.

Although officially “retired” as a Trampoline National Champion, Peter is still a focused athlete. He holds an Advanced Level Stage fighting certificate, runs as often as his schedule allows and hopes to someday meet his personal goal of running a sub-three-hour marathon. He only needs to shorten his time by one minute and 28 seconds. Peter has also mentioned wanting to qualify one day for the Boston Marathon. We have no doubt he will.

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