Fred Hesse

Ken Meseroll is FRED HESSE

Ken Meseroll is FRED HESSE

Character Bio

Fred Hesse – 54 (27 when the comet hit). Veena’s father. Anna’s husband. Fred is a physicist who graduated from MIT and moved to Colorado with Anna after she graduated from medical school. When the comet was discovered, Fred began studying soil physics and the thermal properties of the best agricultural soils. He knew if they were going to survive, he would need to master agriculture and managing an artificial ecosystem. His primary role would be keeping the clan fed with vegetables and fruits—and avoid scurvy and other traditional ailments from malnutrition. He catalogued hundreds of varieties of seeds and stored them in hermetically sealed cases. He explaining to Lucas and the other children that these seeds would grow into the plants they would someday eat. They would be grown in hydroponic tanks of water, rock, and minerals. Water purification became an equally large challenge, as he planned for filtration and storage.

Now 54, Fred often argues with William over the likelihood that the Earth will ever recapture its previous orbit and return the climate to its seasonal origins. William measures the constellations in the night sky for evidence that they are returning to a normal orbit. Fred measures the thickness of the ice and the dramatic drops in temperature as proof that they’re heading toward extinction.


A transplanted New York theatre actor, Ken has appeared in the films Lansky, Carman the Champion, Walt Whitman, and Kosmos for PBS.

On TV Ken has a recurring role on Without A Trace and has also appeared on such shows as Medium, Cold Case, Shark, Criminal Minds, ER, Numbers, CSI Miami, Strong Medicine, The Practice, LAX, Family Law, The West Wing, Judging Amy and The Cosby Show, amongst others. He was the voice of Seneca in The Roman Empire on PBS, the voice of Derek Wildstar in the anime classic Star Blazers.

He also appeared On, Off, and Off-Off B’Way as well as in major regional theaters across the country in plays as diverse as Oleanna, Three Sisters, Design For Living, Romeo and Juliet, Plenty, Bent, Mrs. Warren’s Profession, The Merchant of Venice, The Cherry Orchard, Death Of A Salesman, amongst others.

Ken recently directed The Root by Gary Richards here in Los Angeles as well as Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? with special permission from Edward Albee, Loyalties and What Happened Was, Waiting At The Malibu Diner, Othello x 3 and Mademoiselle Colombe all in Los Angeles and My Fifteen Minutes Off-Off B’Way.

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