Kovita Hesse

Kelsey Sanders is KOVITA HESSE (daughter of Anna and Fred Hesse)

Kelsey Sanders is KOVITA HESSE (daughter of Anna and Fred Hesse)

Character Bio

Kovita Hesse – 15 (born after the comet hit).  She is Veena’s sister.  Anna and Fred are her parents.  Kovita knew she was in love with Milo long before he knew he was interested in her.  Because she was born 22 years after Veena, Kovita has always felt like an only child.  She and Milo were like siblings and did everything together.  They loved digging in the ice with steel-tipped axes to find crushed rock to use as mineral supplements in the clan’s hydroponic units.  Until recently, Kovita had hidden the physical changes in her body, because she didn’t want anything to change her relationship with Milo.  She knew it would be different, somehow, if they allowed themselves to acknowledge the fact that they were becoming young adults.  And being a teenager, in times like these, was difficult; the observatory was like living in a fishbowl.  And she hated it.  Because she spent so much time with Milo, her father took it for granted that she wasn’t interested in speaking with him.  Kovita felt quite the opposite and assumed her father simply wasn’t interested.  As a result, she found William a ready sounding board and confidant.  Which only complicated her relationship with her father and his animosity, at times, for William.


Kelsey was born in Atlanta, Georgia and moved to Tennessee at the age of 11. With a passion for singing, dancing, and acting, Kelsey has been performing on stage and taking part in the arts since the age of 3. She has won numerous regional and national awards and titles for singing, dancing, and acting.

She began working professionally as an actress when she landed a part in Debbie Allen’s theater production of Soul Possessed. She has recently recurred on Disney’s Wizards of Waverly Place. She is a Disney Channel Movie Surfer and has also been seen on CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and Just Jordan. Kelsey enjoys hosting two shows for teens: Teenfaze (teenfaze.com) and The Social with Sprint. These shows allow her to help and give advice to teens on a variety of issues.

She has played lead roles in several feature length films including Gingerdead Man 2, Shelter, and Au Pair: Kansas; as well as appeared in Universal’s Wild Child. She is currently in pre-production for two other feature films, Dravn and Glorious Wings, in which she will also lead.

Kelsey is a member of Sony/Columbia’s pop recording group the STUNNERS. (thestunnersmusic.com). Their first single, Bubblegum, along with the music video, will be available on itunes this spring.

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