Veena Hesse

Veena Hesse

Kim Myers is VEENA HESSE (daughter of Anna and Fred Hesse)

Character Bio

Veena Hesse – 37 (10 when the comet hit).  She’s responsible for the medical and emotional health of the clan.  Veena learned the art of medicine from her mother (Anna) an M.D. who developed a holistic and spiritual approach to medicine.  Veena has worked hard to establish a healthy regimen among the clan members.  A regimen of sanitation to prevent infectious diseases (Blythe’s expertise in this area was invaluable).  Her mother named her Veena, because in India her name means:  Musical instrument.  And Veena indeed has a beautiful voice and sings at her mother’s evening meditations.  Veena has been in love with Lucas since they were kids in Westcliffe.  But he’s not in love with her.  Since Lucas’ wife, Mary, died, Veena has been Lucas’ spiritual guide.


October 11… before the
comet (10 years old)

I love my journal. Mommy told me it’s the same as my diary. She wants me to write in it every day. I’m okay with that, because I love writing. Everyone’s talking about something called Comet 23. I found it on Wikipedia. Cool pictures! Comets are made up of space dust, ice, and gas. And they have long tails. Like cats…which I love. I have 2 of them. Cookie is black with a white face. He’s big. Mickey is small and orange with big ears. They’re the best cats ever. I’m going to ask my Dad if we can buy a telescope so we can look at the comet.

October 13…

I took Lucas and Mary to the park this morning. Lucas is so cute…and funny! He makes me laugh. It rained while we were eating lunch. We made boats out of paper cups and floated them down the street.

October 31…

Halloween! My favorite holiday. I helped Lucas’ mom make his costume. Three feet of black nylon for a cape. He wants to be a superhero. When I asked him which one, he said he wanted to be his very own special superhero. He’s one funny kid.

November 9…

I forgot to write for over a week. We’ve been on a family hike for two days now. We went farther up the mountain than ever! Lucas kept running ahead so I chased him. Mom and Dad seem a little stressed out. Most of the parents seem stressed too. What’s up with that?

November 10…

This place is amazing! Lucas’ dad kept telling us there was a surprise at the end of the hike, and this is it! An observatory! It’s way up here…and we have it all to ourselves. I asked Remy to help me open the dome over the telescope, and he just walked away. He’s acting weird and won’t talk to anyone. He made me feel bad. Lucas got his dad to open it up. We’re going to look at the stars tonight. Maybe we’ll see the comet! Sometimes I wish Lucas was a little older so we could play older kid games.

February 12…

I’m so happy! I found my journal! I thought I’d lost it forever. And guess where it was? Under Cookie and Mickey’s scratch box. I forgot that I’d hidden it there after we came back from our hike last month. Mary wanted to use it as drawing paper. She’s already ruined two of my school books this year.

February 13…

I cried all day. I saw the news about the comet. My parents told me they’ve been keeping it a secret. They didn’t want to scare me. But now I’m really scared. Before, I was so excited to
see the comet. I never thought it was coming to hurt us. So many things make sense now. Like all the army men that have come to our town. And why my parents took away my internet. They told me we’re going to be okay. That we have a plan to go to the observatory. Will we really be safe? I used to believe everything my parents told me. Now, I’m not sure. Are they just trying to make me feel safe? I don’t want to die.

February 15…

It’s my birthday. Mom and Dad tried to make it fun. They let Cookie and Mickey sleep in my bed last night. And this morning they let me eat pancakes in my room with my best friend Ilsa. It helped me forget about the comet for a little while. But now I’m ready for bed and I can’t sleep because all I do is think about the comet coming to hurt us all.

February 17…

I went to the library by myself today. I went online and read about Comet 23. And it’s worse than my parents said. They say most everyone is going to die. I wish I’d never found out about the comet. I want it all to go away.

February 25…

Why didn’t my parents have more kids? I want a sister. We could stay up all night and talk about everything. All the stuff I can’t talk to my parents about. They just want to try and make me feel better. And they lie to me about the comet. It makes me hate them.

March 2…

My mom just said the comet is going to miss us. She’s such a liar. I can’t believe she would make something like that up. It’s horrible. I locked myself in my room and won’t talk to her. Now my dad is trying to get me to come out. He said they can prove that the comet won’t hit us. Liars!

I just said the biggest “I’m sorry” ever to my mom and dad. My dad slid his phone under my door with the news playing. The comet is really going to miss us!

March 8…

I ate pancakes in bed all week. Lucas has been asking why we’re not going up to the observatory anymore. He loves it up there. I didn’t know what to tell him. He misses it so much.

March 10…

I found my parents’ journals in the bookcase last night. They’re not writing in them anymore. I asked them why they stopped, and they said it’s because the danger is over. I’ve decided
to keep writing. It makes me feel safe. Like a reminder that everything we’ve been through was for some reason. I’m not sure what. But it definitely helps me sometimes when I’m angry and don’t want to do my homework…or go to school. It’s like doing those things aren’t so bad anymore. I kind of enjoy them. All of it. Even when I have to partner with Brad Snyder in media lab…he’s sooooo gross!

March 21…

What a great day! We hiked back to the observatory! My dad collected three cases of seeds. William and Isaac had to free the mountain goats. Lucas and Mary hid when it was time to go.
It was so sad to see how much he was going to miss the place. I felt horrible too. I spent most of the day staring at the clouds. How they changed so fast. I drew pictures of all the creatures up
in the sky. I really love it up there.

April 18…

Everyone’s talking about the comet. We’ve been watching it every night for a week now. It gets closer and closer…so they say. I haven’t noticed really.

May 6…

OMG! It’s beautiful! Comet 23 looks like a bright little light in the night sky. Daddy bought a telescope so we could see it better. It’s going to pass us in a few days! It’s going to be a great summer. School’s out in a month!

June 6…

I jinxed it. I ruined everything. I was supposed to write in my journal. I said I would…and I didn’t! And now it’s happening. The comet is coming back to get us. No one told us kids until tonight when we went over to Lucas’ house. His dad got us all together. He said we have two weeks to get everything back up to the observatory. I feel like giving up.

June 18…

I know I haven’t written in nearly two weeks. I was too upset…and I just forgot. Cookie and Mickey ran away. We got back from the observatory later than usual because there’s been so much to do. Mickey’s always waiting for me at the living room window and Cookie’s right at the door. I don’t know where they could be. I’m going back outside! I even put out tuna fish for them. This happened once before when the neighbor decided to feed them.

June 22…

Cookie came home! He looks good and healthy. I’m so happy. Mickey will come home soon, I’m sure.

June 29…

I told my parents that I’m not leaving without Mickey! Who will take care of him? What will happen to him when the comet hits?

June 30…

I can’t find Cookie. She was on my bed last night when I went to sleep. Mom said animals have survival instincts…and they’ll take off when they sense danger. She has to come home! We leave tomorrow for the observatory.

July 1…

Cookie never came back. I lost both my cats. I’m writing this from our car. This is the worst day of my life.

July 2…

I’ve decided I’m not going to write anymore. What’s the point?

July 3…

I had to write today. After watching Lucas…what can I say, the kid knows the world is about to get blasted, and somehow he’s not freaked out? I know he’s young but he just has this confidence; he’s so certain of everything.

I brought my mom’s old
stethoscope and we listened to our heartbeats. His was slower than mine. I’m sleeping in the telescope room tonight. I want to look up at the stars…and hope
for a miracle.

It’s late now. My dad is out on the deck with Lucas’ dad and Remy’s dad. I feel bad for Mary. Her dad didn’t make it up to the observatory. I hope he’s okay.

This weird siren woke us all up. It was still dark. The comet must be close.

Day 2…

I forgot to write yesterday. It’s been very scary. The wind outside is hot and dry. There are lots of fires making smoke. I hope Cookie and Mickey are okay.


Day 4,108

Yesterday’s attack left us with fire in the observatory. I lost twelve years worth of journals. Everything from the day the comet hit. Such a waste. I suppose I lived it. I don’t need a journal to remember it. Although it’s been a comfort and joy to read some of the entries when I was younger. Most of what was so important then seems so trivial now. But some things are just as painful. I still feel the pain when I think of Cookie and Mickey. How silly, right? I’m still a little girl in some ways. When does that end?

Day 4,110

Mom told me she’s pregnant. I can’t believe it. She’s going to have a baby? Now? I’m 22. She had me young…so now she’s going to be an old mother. But a sister or brother. It’s what I always wanted. Only a little late, right?

Day 4,121

Okay, so it’s official. Mom’s turning over the evening meditation to me. I’ve been in residence my whole life. She wants me groomed and ready to take over all medical duties once she’s in her third trimester. I’m going to be delivering my mother’s baby. My sibling. Weird. And pretty cool, too.


Shy as a young girl, Kim surprised her entire family when she got the lead in Oliver Twist and sung her heart out—braces and all. It was the beginning of a life’s passion. At the recommendation of her high school drama teacher, Kim auditioned and was cast in a USC graduate film which lead to an agent and her first studio film as the lead in A Nightmare on Elm Street Part 2. That same year, Kim was accepted to Syracuse University where she majored in theater. The following years bore roles in Phil Alden Robinson’s In the Mood, Peter Bogdanovich’s Illegally Yours, and Luis Mandoki’s White Palace. For television, Kim starred in The Sitter, was a series regular on Studio 5-B, Key West, and The Pretender, and guest starred on L.A. Law and Seinfeld.

Theater was still her love, and when Neil Simon requested Kim for a staged reading of his new play Jake’s Women, Kim was honored. Next came the dramatic holocaust play, A Shayna Maidel at the Tiffany. After which, Kim was back at work on films starring opposite Patrick Swayze in Letters from a Killer, Serenity for Joss Whedon, and The Dust Factory with Armin Mueller-Stahl. Concurrently, Kim continued to work in television with roles in Six Feet Under, Judging Amy, and The Closer.

Most recently, Kim completed work on The Last Sin Eater for Michael Landon Jr. and begins filming Carmel in early 2009 with Lauren Bacall and Josh Hutcherson.

10,000 Days